Splice Review (Windows PC)

Posted by Sam Wilson (Boojadaed), Jun 27, 2012 21:12

Splice hits center stage in the casual game genre with its complex puzzles and beautiful graphics. Today’s casual games have to be completely addicting out of the gate or have some kick butt graphics to really gain attention. Splice does well to have a good balance of both.Splice

Splice Gameplay

 The game itself is very easy to learn, but then evolves in a fantastic puzzler for the brain. There are multiple levels go complete and each has seven strands or puzzles you have to complete. The main goal is to rearrange cells into a particular shape or pattern. The kicker is you can only attach and remove cells so many times, which is called a splice. You can splice as many times as you want, but if you use up the required amount for the puzzle, you’ll see a big “SPLICES EXHAUSTED” notice across the screen. So, you simply want to use as few splices as possible. The levels gradually get more difficult and the number of splices you can use increase making things even more interesting. Beyond that, in some levels you begin to get cells that mutate and have different abilities. They range from a cell that clones everything attached underneath it, a cell that basically births another underneath it, and an exterminator cell that kills all cells underneath it. You can experiment and play with the different combinations of how to splice and use the mutations, but your final goal is to always complete the strand correctly.

Splice gameplay 1


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Our Rating for Splice Review (Windows PC)
7.0 Replay
The addition of the epilogue and the ability to solve the puzzles multiple ways makes it easy to go back for more or strive to prove you can do better.
7.0 Graphics
The graphics were pretty nice and really set the atmosphere for the game.
7.0 Sound
The music was great to listen to and ,though it lacked a little variety, was a major accomplishment for the game.
7.0 Gameplay
With ease of use, complex puzzles, and bonus abilities, This game was a success in my book.
0.0 Multiplayer/Online Content
7.0 Overall
Clearly the game made a clean 7 score all the way across the board for me. I still think it is more of a bargain price type game, but if you snag it at full price, it would be worth it. I would recommend you splice up your life with this game.

Rating: 5.0, votes: 1

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