Bang Bang Racing Review (Windows PC)

Posted by Xira Enya, Jun 28, 2012 13:27

Bang Bang Racing is an exciting, arcade style, top-down racing game developed by Digital Reality Software and Playbox. Focusing on both going fast, and Bang Bang Racing Reviewhaving superior control and maneuvering over your opponents in the frantic, turns and hazards, Bang Bang Racing offers a challenging and rewarding racing experience. The fast paced gameplay and competitive game types are addicting!

If you are a fan of arcade racing games this is one game you won’t want to miss. You will find many cars, varied tracks, game modes, and racing classes to suit your style. The faster you go the quicker you need to react! Improve your technical driving skills and leave your opponents in the dust! You can even compete in global leaderboards and achievements.

How to Play Bang Bang Racing

The controls for Bang Bang Racing are extremely simple. Arrow keys for movement, Shift for nitro, and Ctrl for brake. Menus are operated with movement keys and the Enter and Escape keys. In the settings menu you can set the camera to be either in a fixed position behind your car or a loose follow.

Some bang bang racing gameplay

Using nitro will boost your cars speed, perfect for coming out of turns or straight sections of the track. When not in use, nitro will slowly recharge itself. While racing, remember to keep an eye on your vehicle’s health bar. The more damage you take from crashes or explosive barrels the slower you will go. To repair your vehicle drive through the pit stop lane, which will also refill your nitro bar.

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Our Rating for Bang Bang Racing Review (Windows PC)
8.0 Replay
Addictive and constantly challenging gameplay.
7.0 Graphics
The visuals are simple but they do their job
9.0 Sound
Impressive sound effects and excellent music!
8.0 Gameplay
Frantic gameplay with responsive controls and multiple game types
4.0 Multiplayer/Online Content
Clumsy split-screen multiplayer
8.0 Overall
A genuinely fun to play racing game with plenty of features that is suited for both casual players and ones seeking a challenge.

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