Wreckateer Review (Xbox LIVE Arcade - Kinect Required)

Posted by Christophor Rick (TheSuperGuido), Jul 25, 2012 19:56

What’s more fun than taking a massive ballista andwreckateer gets gilded in silver flinging huge rocks at castle walls? How about, affecting the paths of those projectiles with a bit of body English, something like what you do when you go bowling, but with an actual result in the end. Well, that’s pretty much the gameplay in this latest game in the Summer of Arcade.

In the game you have been hired on as an apprentice wrecker and, luckily, goblins have invaded numerous castles throughout the land, so those castles need to be wrecked. Well, it’s not really a story-driven game, now is it? Your tool of the trade is, of course, a massive ballista.

Grab the ballista, pull back and let fly (after aiming of course). Once the projectile is underway you can use arm gestures to push it in various directions to get it into the exact position you’d like it to hit. To make things more interesting there are various types of ammunition to be used aside from the standard shot.

  • Flying - Sprouts wings and gives you some good amount of control. Dive bombing increases speed and the faster it goes the more damage it does.
  • Lift - Doesn’t go very far but is able to be boosted upward three times while in flight before impact.
  • Split - Splits into four pieces which can be controlled by hand. They are connected by a tether and will remain between your hands for the duration of the flight.
  • Bomb - Can be activated to explode in the air or will automatically explode one second after first contact with something.
  • Speed - When activated in the air it ceases its arcing trajectory and takes off like a bullet. Useful for plowing through multiple towers and walls when lined up correctly.

some gameplay from wreckateer (not actual)

In addition to these there are also magical icons that can be picked up for point (5K and 10K) and to add certain abilities to the shots that go through them like speed, lift and explosives. There are also satchel charges that can be found on some castles and towers that help take things down.

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Our Rating for Wreckateer Review (Xbox LIVE Arcade - Kinect Required)
7.5 Replay
There’s some reason to go back and play all the levels in the form of a medal for each as well as some multiplayer. FameStar feels somewhat contrived to increase this value as well.
8.0 Graphics
They’re sort of standard avatar-based XBLA game graphics. Nothing awe-inspiring to say the least.
8.5 Sound
Good work on the music, sound effects and voiceovers. Not really campy or corny to the point of being painful to listen to.
8.0 Gameplay
The quirkiness of the controls is frustrating at times and drains fun away from the game. A finer sense of control would have been nice. Otherwise, aside from some weird physics and minor flaws the game is pretty fun.
6.5 Multiplayer/Online Content
Just two-player local. It seems they don’t know how to use Kinect for online multiplayer with this title which is a shame.
8.0 Overall
Wreckateer buzzes the bronze tower and sinks into the outer shell of the GDN Silver award here. The pros certainly outweigh the cons and I’ve only stuck my hand in the ceiling fan three times while playing it. It’s fun but can be frustrating at times. Plus, the levels don’t offer a major abundance of gameplay variation.

Rating: 0.0, votes: 0

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