Battleground Defense 2 The City Review (iPad)

Posted by Christophor Rick (TheSuperGuido), Aug 28, 2012 23:29

Battleground Defense 2 The City, from Evelyn Labs, is yet another in a long line of tower defense titles. This time round you are, yes, in the city. You need to build towers, big shocker, to prevent enemy units from moving across the screen. That’s pretty much the whole deal. There are several different types of tower of course, guns, cannons, missile launchers, EMPs all of which can be upgraded several times. Some of the upgrades turn them into specialized towers. For example a missile launcher can become a surface-to-air launcher while a gun can be turned into a flame thrower. Cannons can remain cannons or turn into bombers.

The major differences are the rate of fire and the damage done per shot, except for the EMPs which obviously become stronger as you upgrade them. Once you place a tower you can either sell it or upgrade it, or, if you choose, do nothing with it.

Compared to the vast number of other tower defense titles, Battleground Defense 2 The City is far less extensive or developed. You can’t see what kind of units are coming in each wave, nor how many there are. You can’t pause to place towers quickly so if something gets by you, it’s going to get all the way through usually.

Battleground Defense 2 The City

Battleground Defense 2 The City does offer leaderboards via Game Center because each level gives you a score based on how many lives you retain, how many levels you take on (30, 50 or 80) and how fast (I guess) you manage to finish them all. The help doesn’t bother to mention anything about scoring.

The game has a free and a paid version. The only difference seems to be the removal of ads from the game, which may or may not be worth $2.99 to you. I don’t know that just nine levels of such a basic tower defense game would be worth $3 to me.

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6.0 Overall
As far as tower defense titles go, this one is fairly basic in what it has to offer. The upgrade paths are short, the different number of units is few and the levels to play are less than a dozen.

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