Crossworlds the Flying City Review (iPad)

Posted by Christophor Rick (TheSuperGuido), Aug 28, 2012 23:53

Crossworlds the Flying City is nothing new for G5. They make a lot of games very much like this one. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s no good. They put a lot of effort and attempt to maintain a high level of production value in their games, and succeed. So what’s Crossworld the Flying City all about?

The Story

Teleport yourself into a out-of-this-world gaming experience! After inventing an amazing device that enables travel through parallel worlds, Professor Dumbdore suddenly disappears. Help Professor’s daughter, Monica, track down her father while exploring 4 different worlds. Solve the puzzles of the enigmatic Scientist’s House, fix the inhabitants of the rusty Robo City, travel to the fairytale-esque River World and face the challenges of the Flying City!

Crossworlds the Flying City

Alright, so some of it is derivative but Crossworlds the Flying City actually does quite well at entertaining. There are four worlds to explore with a total of 56 places. A handful of mini-games break up the hidden object monotony and the graphics are done quite well.

The art in Crossworlds the Flying Citye is visually interesting which is nice as you’ll be staring at it for quite some time. Not that it’s an extremely long game, I did manage to play through the whole thing in a weekend. But since there are numerous hidden object puzzles, well, you can figure it out.

Crossworlds gameplay

Some of the hidden object puzzles will drop an item into your inventory which is required for you to continue on through the game. For example, early on in teh game you’ll need to find a crowbar so that you can pry something open. There’s a decent amount of that sort of thing in the game, but not so much so that it seems forced or tiring.GDN Silver

If you’re looking for a game to play while sitting on a plane or taking a weekend trip in the car this might be perfect, even if you’re just planning on sitting on the front porch. The low impact gaming experience is perfect for those looking to unwind for a weekend.The graphics are rich and the sounds are well done. They all help to pull the player into Crossworlds the Flying City making it all the more engrossing. There are a number of other games of this type from G5 and this is well done even in that group.

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Our Rating for Crossworlds the Flying City Review (iPad)
8.5 Overall
Lots to do and see in the game for some weekend entertainment. Some adventure game mechanics to offset the hidden object puzzles make for a good mix.

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