Beware Planet Earth! Review (Windows PC)

Posted by Christophor Rick (TheSuperGuido), Aug 30, 2012 19:43

Beware Planet Earth! tells the tale of Barney the cow farmer and the cow-abducting aliens. Lucky for you, Bernard is an electromechanical genius and he can whip up some major gear. Unluckily for Barney, he either has massive gastrointestinal problems or can’t work a simple lock, as he spends the entire game, in the outhouse. Yes, that’s the sort of humor you can Beware Planet Earth!expect in Beware Planet Earth!

When I say it’s slow moving, I mean, the waves come at a steady, but slow pace. There’s no speed up and no pause in the game like many tower defense games have. Also, the levels are fairly small and don’t really ever seem to get any bigger. Then again, that is part of the challenge of Beware Planet Earth! as well. You’ve got a limited amount of spaces for towers and a limited amount of time to take out the various aliens.

Speaking of various aliens. There are quite a few different types. You’ve got your standard troops with medium speed and defense, ninjas who are fast but easy to kill, riot gear who are slow but hard to kill for starters. Then there are disguised aliens who can sneak past the tower sensors and there are vacuum aliens who scoop up your cogs (the unit needed to build new towers) and landmines. There are super fast ninjas and shiled generating scientist aliens and more.

In terms of gameplay, it’s far more hands on than other tower defense titles because, for example, shields can only be destroyed with the laser pistol, and super fast ninja aliens, when killed, put up a totem from where the next one will begin, that can also only be destroyed by the pistol. So instead of the standard set up towers and tweak and upgrade, you’re taking a more active role in the each level. Speaking of upgrading, there are none. Periodically you’ll get new towers but that’s it. There’s no upgrading of towers in this one.

Beware planet earth gameplay

On top of the standard "story" campaign mode there’s also a set of challenges in Beware Planet Earth! Each with its own peculiar twist to the gameplay. It boils down to what towers are available for you, how many cows there are to save and what aliens will be atacking. It brings a nice bit of replay to the game even though there are just six (each with three levels of difficulty).

The graphics and the sound remind me of games like Plants vs. Zombies, and that’s never a bad thing. Lightmare Studios did a good job on making Beware Planet Earth! visually and audibly interesting to go along with the gameplay. It’s not a super-fast-paced tower defense game but it certainly does an excellent job of representing the genre and putting some interesting twists on it.

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Our Rating for Beware Planet Earth! Review (Windows PC)
9.0 Overall
For a game that’s just over $10, it’s got plenty of gameplay in it. The production values are good and the gameplay has a bit of a twist over standard tower defense titles.

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