Sinister City Review (iPad)

Posted by Christophor Rick (TheSuperGuido), Aug 31, 2012 20:56

Sinister City is a 3D first person hidden object adventure game. Yeah, like a point and click adventure game with hidden object levels. I always thought that hidden object games needed something more and this is exactly that, something more.

Travel to the astral plane and save your love in this breathtaking quest! John discovers his bride-to-be, Nina, has been kidnapped. The only way to save her is deal with Sinister City’s most powerful vampire, Count Orlak. Armed with little information and a lot of courage, John must track down Count Orlak and rescue Nina.

sinister city

As with many G5 Entertainment games, the basis, the foundation of Sinister City is the hidden object genre. But as the genre has evolved it has begun to incorporate elements of other genres, most notably the point and click adventure genre. The two compliment each other well. Between the hidden object puzzles and the 15 mini-games, it makes for a more robust and well-rounded game experience as opposed to a simple hidden object game.

The world is fairly large with 50 areas of hidden objects and six major locations with multiple ’rooms’ to explore. The graphics are well done and while I wouldn’t personally call it eerie, it has its moments. The game is fairly engrossing and I like the way they mix up the objectives so as not to get into a rut of too many of the same thing in a row. I never felt like I was being given the run around and ending up back at the same hidden object puzzle over and over. Also, the mini-game puzzles themselves were diverse and well done.

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The sound isn’t amazing but it works. The ethereal, ambient music is good but doesn’t always seem to fit into Sinister City. It’s a minor issue and you can always turn off the sounds. The same goes with the character models, they’re not all that great. At times I think they could just have been done away with altogether. Why do voice overs if you’re just going to have flapping mouths and not try to sync them. Likewise, why have moving mouths if you can’t sync it with the voices.

sinister city

GDN silverOverall, the game experience is good and robust. It’s a good mix of PnC adventure and hidden object and I think Sinister City is a good deal and offers a lot of gameplay while it helps push hidden object games into a more expansive genre.

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8.5 Overall
Some odd bits like the tunes and the character models, but the game experience and gameplay are extremely well done all around.

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