Head-to-Head Comparison: PC vs. Console Gaming

Posted by Christophor Rick (TheSuperGuido), Sep 27, 2012 15:17

Digital Storm, makers of PCs for gamers, recently put out a head-to-head comparison infographic showing the differences between consoles and PCs for gaming. It plays right into their wheelhouse clearly, after all, they make gaming PCs. Anyway, it’s an interesting comparison so I thought I’d share it with you.

With the new round of console rumors starting to heat up I think things will get quite interesting, but consoles will continue to lage behind PCs simply because they’re not upgradeable. I’m not saying console gaming is bad, I quite like gaming on my consoles, but I like the fact that I can plug and play on the PC more. Graphics on the Xbox 360 are starting to look haggard, even the PS3 has its limitations. Things on the PC look great and if the console makers don’t up their hardware game, things like Unreal Engine 4, simply won’t work on them.

 Gaming vs. Console Gaming Infographic

Gaming PC VS. Gaming Console – An infographic by the team at Digital Storm


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