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Posted by Anne Scotch Guard Ross, Oct 21, 2008 08:33

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Remember the days when EVERYONE got excited about video games? Your local pub would have one of those coin-op machines and everyone played on them. An era when the likes of Space Invaders and PAC- Man would make you put down your pint and part with all of your change trying to get your name on to the high score board...well World Of Goo brings back those feelings again. Bulging with charm, breathtakingly simple in concept and so addictive it pulls you in to its charismatic little universe...


At the start of each level you will find a small structure, crawling along it or sleeping around in the level are small balls of goo. Break off a small ball of goo and by putting it nearby you will find that it attaches itself to the main structure. You simply repeat this until you have reached your end goal on each level; usually a pipe which sucks up all the goo that comes near it.... thats it! Use goo balls to reach the pipe.........

I was a bit lost in this goo-filled world, but there are philosophically cryptic  messages left behind by the Sign Painter, whose comments blend together with surreal out-of-game observations. The Sign Painter’s comments don’t really progress the story, but this isn’t really a game about a great tale. What you will find in copious amounts, are beautiful settings, calming music and disarmingly funny sound effects from the goo balls. Each level has its own separate learning process and no matter how mindbogglingly complex or ridiculous each challenge becomes they are all solved with the same skillful, simplistic and fair manner. 

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Our Rating for Anne Reviews - The World of Goo
9.0 Replay
With multiple ways of completing each level and the organic nature of this game, it plays and plays
9.5 Graphics
Quirky, original, charming, beautiful to look at
9.0 Sound
Original music that is atmospheric, ambient and serene
9.0 Gameplay
Great fun thanks to tight controls and levels that challenge you to think.
0.1 Multiplayer/Online Content
9.5 Overall
Utterly charming and beguiling little universe you can escape to and revel in playing with goo. If only all the world could be made of Goo!!!!!!!

Rating: 5.0, votes: 2

#1 Oct 30, 2008 16:39:45 Oct 30, 2008 20:41

Love this game!

The gameplay is unique and fun. The art is spectacular. The music and sound are fantastic.

I read about it a while back and finally found a free demo at

I bought the game before my free trial was up!

Viva la Goo!

#2 Nov 3, 2008 07:57:12 Nov 03, 2008 12:58

Glad you enjoyed it :)


Anne ’Scotch Guard’ Ross

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