Spider-Man Web of Shadows Review

Posted by Alex Element457 Ramirez, Nov 12, 2008 11:48

Shaba Games and Treyarch have combined their developer prowess to not only make one of the most ambitious Spider-Man games ever but action-adventure games as well. You see, Spider-Man: Web of Shadows is by far one of the most cinematic games I have ever played, and while there may not be a lot of new tricks to the combat, the camera seems to add a sense of innovativeness to the game previously unseen by any game before. So does the camera breathe life into the action-adventure game or does it appear as nothing more than a one-trick pony? Nevertheless, fans need not worry – they got the web-swinging right this time.

Somehow finding time from Call of Duty 5, Treyarch has worked in collaboration with Shaba Games to create a very impressive game from top to bottom. The city is laid out very well, boasts some impressive character models, and the game features some of the best animations around, particularly Spider-Man’s movements and web-swinging. His transition from swinging to spinning another web really has never been smoother. Also, the blur effects used when Spider-Man is web-zipping to an enemy is expertly done and adds a nice touch to quick pace of the game.

All of the textures in the game feel very appropriate and the symbiotes have never looked better. I was kind of disappointed to see that the game didn’t have any CG cut-scenes of our favorite web-slinger, but the in-game engine is decent enough to carry the story progression on its own. It just seems a bit ironic to put so much emphasis on making the game as cinematic as possible, and then decide to not do a single frame of CG. Not necessarily a bad choice; just an interesting one.

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Our Rating for Spider-Man Web of Shadows Review
6.3 Replay
While there may not be any online play, the four possible endings and combat will keep gamers coming back for more than most games.
8.6 Graphics
The animations are some of the best around and the character models really aren’t that bad either.
7.5 Sound
Lots of one-liners that feel right at home, but Peter Parker has never sounded worse.
9.2 Gameplay
The unique camera placement mixed with the ability to switch between the red suit and the black suit at the press of a button is just too much fun.
0.1 Multiplayer/Online Content
Sorely missing...
8.0 Overall
Spider-Man: Web of Shadows manages to find room in a crowded holiday season and brings innovation to the action-adventure genre.

Rating: 4.6, votes: 15

#1 Nov 15, 2008 14:57:17 Nov 15, 2008 20:01
Peter Skerritt

I wish that I could agree with your enthusiasm surround this title, but I couldn’t stand Web of Shadows after the first hour. Once the newness wears off, it’s repetitive:

1. Spider-Man, go do _____.

2. See bad guys. Jam on one button with little other strategy to beat them.

3. Embark on some other mission against the clock.

4. Engage in needlessly long boss battle.

5. Upgrade combat with XP, which means little.

6. Repeat from Step 1.

$60 is about $30 too much for this game.

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