Little Big Planet Review

Posted by Billy Turrican Withers, Nov 20, 2008 18:48

Games are a fickle thing. One minute we’re all chucking bullets at anything that moves, the next sees a change of momentum bringing about cooking games with a dash of puzzle. What I’m trying to get at is the situation we find ourselves in with regards to the games industry. There has been an influx of first person shooters and all the usual suspects over the past 12 months and there is a scary thought entering people’s minds. Where is the originality? Is there any more creative spark out there on the shelves?

Now, I’m not saying the games we get are bad, but the job Little Big Planet does for not just the Playstation 3, but for games players in general, is nothing short of epic. This is Sony’s big title of the year and they’re pinning all their hopes on a little man made of fabric who can do what he likes. I’m not going to beat around the bush here, the fact is this is, for me anyway, 2008’s game of the year and this review is pretty much going to go through the reasons as to why.

The graphics are really nothing short of stunning. There is not only an enormous amount of beauty on display here, but when you first crack the seal, power up your console and let your eyes sink the visuals in; you almost feel instant warmth towards the way it looks. Sackboy is adorable and helps to contribute to the game and its scrapbook styling. The colors are as vibrant a rainbow breaking through the cloudy skyline and so rich in substance that you can be often forgiven for thinking the line between interactive software and animated short is getting a bit more blurry. Little Big Planet isn’t something which is going to go for detailed realism and have maps of cities recreated down to the most accurate level or try to ensure a character looks so much like his real life counterpart, but then it never needed to. What it does do is provide your optic nerves with something fun and interesting. A masterpiece painted by the joypad generation and for that we are grateful.

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Our Rating for Little Big Planet Review
9.9 Replay
With infinite levels and a very healthy community spirit behind it, there’s no way you’ll stop playing this for a long while.
9.5 Graphics
Beautiful, fun, colourful and just a joy to look at. Will make you smile like your life depended on it.
9.5 Sound
Music with an ability to not get on your nerves coupled with some great noises means LBP gets this department spot on.
9.5 Gameplay
Whether on your own or with buddies, this game is so instantly accessible and a scream to play. As addictive as all good platform games should be.
9.9 Multiplayer/Online Content
This is what the game was made for and it just handles everything you could throw at it as if it was nothing. Creating and playing online with friends old or new has never been easier and more amusing.
9.7 Overall
Little Big Planet is without doubt a game of huge character and great ambition and deserves to be in everyone’s collection. It pushes all the right buttons and helps people to enjoy themselves. I only wish Playstation Home was going to be like this.

Rating: 5.0, votes: 5

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