Iron Grip: Warlord Review (PC)

Posted by David Zerolink Vizcaino, Feb 19, 2009 14:00

The game’s setting is the steampunk world of Theia, which is comprised of several land masses. This game focuses on the frigid land of Kathos. Isotx, the developers of Iron Grip, are definitely looking to give players things they rarely experience. One good example of this is the game’s setting, which, not only is deep, involving several countries and climates, but is set to expand soon. The game also has a story better than most found in FPS games, and even better than some found in RTS titles. It involves a collective group of nomads and city-states who have to team-up, like ancient Greece did to defend themselves against the Persians, to destroy a greater evil, which, in this case, happens to be the Confederacy and Rahmos, who have targeted this country because of its abundant resources. The only issue is that the city-states don’t want to team up, so the great Warlord, Sahrab, and you, another great warlord decide that the best way to unite would be to use guerilla tactics to provoke the enemy into proving they are the greatest of all evils, thus, uniting the city-states and nomads together under one banner.

Another example of offering players more bang for their buck is the release of the free expansion pack titled The Winter Offensive, which has players up against Santa, yes, the man himself, and his evil army.  Iron Grip: Warlord is just the second game in the Iron Grip series, which plans on having multiple games set in the world of Theia, and may, hopefully, show bigger companies that more depth in games and providing something different may be more worthwhile than providing the same mechanic as all the other games out there.

The Iron Grip series may bring about some change in the gaming community that, for the better, will introduce a new type of game that caters, not only to the people who want to run and gun, but to those gamers who want something with a little more meat than your average first person shooter.

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Our Rating for Iron Grip: Warlord Review (PC)
9.0 Overall
A very fun, innovative game. Bigger companies should take this game’s example and create things that are not only fun, but that are rarely seen in games today.

Rating: 5.0, votes: 6

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