Majesty 2 Preview (PC)

Posted by Ramses Ozymandias Sanchez, Feb 26, 2009 13:03

Gameplay is where Majesty 2 gets interesting because it’s such a unique, refreshing, experience. Unlike other Real Time Strategy games, you cannot control your units in Majesty 2 which sounds awkward and frustrating on paper. In action how the game handles your units reacting to your command—the way you make your units do something by providing fiscal incentives e.g. kill that giant rat for 500 coins, garrison in that tower for 100 coin, etc…—works  well most of the time, but gets bogged down by some key issues. You command units by placing various flags in the environment, explore flags lead to exploration, attack flags attack the target, and defend flags defend the target, and on any flag you place in the environment you can designate a monetary value as an incentive, the bigger the coin count, the more units you have responding to the call.

For starters the path finding AI is average at best, sometimes you’ll see your archers take the slightly longer routes or move erratically to a point (seldom do they do that, but when they do it’s annoying) and other times you’ll see your various hero units go through thick forests instead of sticking to cleared roads. Another big disappointment is how painfully slow the AI reacts to the flags you designate. Once you place a certain reward for a designated action the AI will take crucial seconds deciding whether it should pursue the goal or not; thus prompting the player to increase said reward which is frustrating when you’re running on a tight budget.

Also the delay frustrated me, especially when you have one of the local wildlife attacking one of your towers, because it made my attempts at any early game success futile. Building things in game is relatively simple: you build stuff just like in any other RTS. Building times are pretty long and one ludicrous thing is how quickly the enemy AI destroys buildings. Stone towers can crumble to the arrows of archers in seconds which makes me feel as if the tower was constructed out of paper and not stone; you may take twenty to thirty seconds building a market, only to see that same market be razed in under 10 seconds by an ogre or two archers.

Rating: 5.0, votes: 4

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