Majesty 2 Preview (PC)

Posted by Ramses Ozymandias Sanchez, Feb 26, 2009 13:03

I found this game to be difficult. In the six missions I played, I found the onset of the match to be the hardest part since mere seconds after starting I had two or three feral creatures attacking my structures and wreaking havoc upon the denizens of my kingdom. I found it farcical how easily the AI seems to find you early on in the game and how unbalanced it was trying to defend against the onslaught of rats, ogres, and other assorted wildlife that abound. The missions were varied but coupled with the few minor gameplay annoyances they felt dragged on and from the most part your standard RTS fare of “protect this” or “defend that” or, my favorite, “kill that” got repetitive real fast.

Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim is shaping up to be a good game. It has some gameplay flaws that I’m sure will be addressed before release. The graphics look pretty (don’t expect to be dazzled in light of better looking games like Dawn of War 2, or CoH, or World in Conflict for that matter) and the sound is top-notch. I can see this game pleasing the fans of Majesty because it feels like an updated version of the original. If the few quirks here and there get stamped out, Majesty 2 will be a great sequel and a good game worth playing.

Rating: 5.0, votes: 4

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