Brutal Legend Review (Xbox 360)

Posted by Chris Cesarano, Oct 27, 2009 12:09

There are only two problems with the multiplayer overall. The net-code for matchmaking seems very slow and clunky. In addition, despite having three armies there is no option to have three separate teams go head-to-head-to-head against each other. However, it is possible to have up to four players on both sides of the game to have a sort of team-battle.

Brutal Legend may be different than a lot of players were expecting, especially long-time fans of designer Tim Schaeffer. This is his first foray into multiplayer. However, he and his team at Double Fine delivered. Whereas most studios would focus primarily on single or multiplayer and merely tack on the other experience as an after-thought, Brutal Legend instead seems to provide two completely different packages in one disc. A single player campaign that can range anywhere from five to twenty hours and a multiplayer mode with a lot of depth and promise of fun for everyone. Even if going up against other people isn’t your thing there is a single player skirmish mode with varying A.I. settings.

In short, this title is the pinnacle of what good game design truly is. It isn’t often that you can say “yes, this game is without a doubt worth the sixty bucks spent”, yet it’s hard to argue with Brutal Legend. This game is, simply put, way too metal to be left on shelves gathering dust.

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Our Rating for Brutal Legend Review (Xbox 360)
9.0 Overall
This is one of those games that belongs in everyone’s library. Whether you are a fan of metal or not is irrelevant, as the story, world and gameplay are fascinating for everyone.

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