Mount&Blade: Warband Review (PC)

Posted by Christophor Rick (TheSuperGuido), Apr 27, 2010 09:48

Multiplayer is what the Mount & Blade community was waiting for from the moment the first title became available. A lot of the hype surrounding Mount & Blade: Warband, from publisher Paradox Entertainment and developer Taleworlds, was about the multiplayer. But there’s a full singleplayer world to also explore and delve deep into. Sure the multiplayer is a large facet of the game and was the target of a massive beta. But what about the game itself?

Character Creation

You start out in Warband by choosing your character’s gender and then filling in their backstory. That backstory then decides the basic set of skills, attributes and proficiencies for your character. Along with that you can do a fair bit of customization for the physical appearance of your character. Finally, before you get into the game proper you have some points, we’ll call them life of hard knocks experience points, that you get to sink into the three facets of the character attributes - physical and mental traits, skills - things they can do and proficiencies - weapons they can use.


The graphics in Mount & Blade aren’t going to stress many machines. They’re not rudimentary but are a little rough at times. Character models are squarish, though detailed. The world map terrain is flat with some jagged lines but give a sense of old school virtual world, just lacking in some high levels of detail. It’s not to say that’s all distracting or detrimental to the game, it’s just not the visual eye candy many will be expecting. But this is not a game about stunning visuals, it’s about deep gameplay


More than just hack and slash:

In regards to information, there is a lot of it in the game. You find out about trading and where best to buy and sell, who might in need of mercanaries, who is at war with whom, etc. The game collects it all into one place but sorting through it can be a tedious task. You might find you need to keep pen and paper handy or you might want to keep some application open in the background to keep notes. The game log tracks everything that comes in except for important things like who is hiring, where they are, who is courting (for marriage), trading prices etc. That is all information you will have to track manually and I think is a flaw in the game design.

Even then, you’ll still miss some of it. One would think that with all that information there would be a built-in place to gather it all for you after you have spent the time to gather it. What that really does is make you less interested in going and doing anything other than looting or being a mindless mercenary and could certainly be something they work on fixing in the future. It would definitely enhance the non-combat gameplay to a point where many would revel in being a simple trader with their own band of guards to fend off bandit attacks, etc.

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Our Rating for Mount&Blade: Warband Review (PC)
8.5 Overall
It’s a very solid game with hour upon hour of enjoyment. You do have to sort through loads of information which is tedious at times. A good balance between single and multiplayer.

Rating: 4.8, votes: 10

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