2XL Supercross 2009 review (PC)

Posted by Christophor Rick (TheSuperGuido), Jun 09, 2010 10:57

There’s no multiplayer, however you can create a 2XL Live account ( and put your times up on there to compare against others. But there’s no way in the game to check it, only on the website. Also, be sure to click the PC version and not the iPhone version on the site if that’s the stats you’re looking for.

The other major thing missing here, is a track editor. I think it would be very cool to be able to make some massively cool new tracks to race on as well. I understand that each track was professionally developed by Stephane Roncada, but it would still be cooler to have some user-made tracks I think.

Now here’s something I wouldn’t suggest doing in the iPhone version, changing the camera from third-person following to first-person with the bike’s handlebars. It makes a massive difference in the immersion factor of the game. But I wouldn’t suggest doing that straightaway, first run a couple laps of a track to get a feel for it in follow and then switch over or run a race in that mode, it makes a huge difference to how the game plays.

There’sI am not in fifth, my number is 80 also no sort of career mode in the game. You just pick a track, pick time, practice or race and go to it. There’s no sort of progression of any sort.

Overall, it’s the exact same game as on the iPhone, just with a much larger screen and far better controls. So there are some improvements over its mobile brother, but there’s still lots of room to do more with the game.

Now the website says there’s a freestyle way to play and score points on tricks, but it’s obviously not implemented. Also it says there’s an SX Supercross Track competition but that doesn’t seem to be implemented yet either.

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Our Rating for 2XL Supercross 2009 review (PC)
7.5 Overall
Bigger screen and better controls but not much else to update it from the iPhone version, still, could be fun for some of you. Hopefully the other game modes will be implemented.

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