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Posted by Christophor Rick (TheSuperGuido), Aug 26, 2010 16:06

They’re using their own in-house 3D Engine, Coretech, for the games. The development of the Coretech 3D engine took four years. The first time they used it was during development of Crusaders: Thy Kingdom Come, released in 2008. It’s been a continually evolving engine and at the moment they’re working on a brand new version with significant changes.

I am always interested in why a studio decides to create an engine from the ground up and was told that at that time there weren’t any render technologies available on the market for licensing that would have been specialized enough for the needs of their strategy game.

"They weren’t fast enough and couldn’t handle the huge number of units we use in our games. So we didn’t really have a choice. But based on our experience today we believe it was the best for us anyway. Working with your own technology has certain rewards – it’s easier to adapt for the various gameplay, performance or work flow issues and it gives us a lot more freedom. It’s a great thing when your technology supports the designers and graphic artists so they’re not forced to cut back on the ideas because of some technological limits."

The list of games they’ve developed is still short, but all have something huge about them. They are epic in scale, mythic in proportions and generally fast and fun to play.

  •     Crusaders: Thy Kingdom Come (2008)
  •     King Arthur – The Role-playing Wargame (Nov 2009)
  •     King Arthur – Knights and Vassals DLC (Jan 2010)
  •     King Arthur – Legendary Artifacts DLC (Jan 2010)
  •     King Arthur – The Saxons (July 2010)
  •     -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  •     King Arthur – The Druids (Fall 2010)
  •     Lionheart: Kings’ Crusade (Sept 2010)

Their games have been increasing in complexity as well as popularity. Crusaders: Thy Kingdom Come, their first, was a modest game, by their own admission, with a less sophisticated gameplay, published by VirginPlay in 2008 according to the Neocore Team.

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