Acceleration of Suguri X Edition Review (PSN)

Posted by Christophor Rick (TheSuperGuido), Mar 07, 2011 10:59

Acceleration of Suguri X Edition’s soundtrack alternates between that sort of generic 220bpm electronic music and some heavy metal neither of which is all that enjoyable nor memorable. It’s all like what you would find on some obscure, no-brand collection CD for $4 in some bargain bin. The same can be said for the game’s sounds during battle which are also mostly forgettable.

The graphics are also decent in that sort of strange Japanese shmup way. But really nothing extremely exciting and you could find them on pretty much any platform I think. There are some cool weapon effects but the players themselves are so small you hardly see them especially when the game zooms out to fit everything going one.

Acceleration of Suguri X

The gameplay is something of a button-mashing style where you need to be quick and a bit lucky. Some of the other characters seem unevenly matched and so it is often difficult to beat them as they almost feel like they were designed not to be equal in combat but to be overpowering and extremely difficult to defeat. That, to me, gives the game an unbalanced feel and doesn’t really make me want to continue playing. On easy I breezed through the Falling Wonder story (which only had maybe 8 battles) but then on easy in Pudding Deity, I couldn’t get through three fights. I even managed a perfect fight on normal in Falling Wonder which surprised even me. Makes me wish I had saved that replay. In fact, I managed it in standard on normal as well. See the video to witness perfection (joking).

Notice how I only used one style of attack and how quickly I won. That tells me the game is unbalanced.

Overall, the game is somewhat entertaining and if I were extremely competitive I could certainly see having some fun with friends as we blasted each other into bits. But the game is so simplistic at times that, as you can see from my perfect win video, you really only need to do one type of attack, over and over again. In that video I never even bothered to block or anything. That’s how overpowered some characters can be at times. So the sound isn’t that great, the graphics are decent and the gameplay is unbalanced. Still, not terribly bad for $5.99.

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Our Rating for Acceleration of Suguri X Edition Review (PSN)
6.5 Overall
It’s not a great game but it’s not terrible, just in the middle ground. Game balance is off, sound is flat and graphics aren’t eye-popping. If you’re a fan of Japanese imports you might see this through more rose-colored glasses. But for the rest of us it’s not all that outstanding.

Rating: 5.0, votes: 1

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