World of Tanks [Video] Review (PC Online)

Posted by Michael Oliver, Apr 08, 2011 15:39

What is wrong with the game:

When I find myself constantly shooting at outlines through bushes, it just ruins the immersion - a better spotting system is needed. Keep in place the tank’s ability to shoot, auto-aim or spot a tank within a certain range, but stop showing a tank’s silhouette if you have no direct line of sight to them. This turns trees into interference that obstruct sight lines allowing for speedy tanks to flank more effectively or allow players to tactically retreat into a forest.

A method to discourage camping needs to be developed. Capturing the enemy main base should reward players more for doing so. Additionally, you could remove any repair costs if you win a battle, promoting more offensive tactics if they pay off.

Destructible terrain would be nice, and so would more believably destructible buildings. While some buildings collapse, they don’t add much beyond being functional cover. Change them from amusingly flimsy cardboard boxes to buildings of brick and stone that crumble. Throw in terrain deformation and a perfect tank wonderland is created.

What I’d like to see added to the game:

New game modes to vary the combat styles. If the community is big enough, then offering different modes to play extends its life. A capture the flag mode with with respawn timers would give light and medium tanks new breath and purpose. By contrast, a King of the Hill mode would promote a different kind of teamwork to fight over a common objective. Fighting over a central position in the middle of the map would force combat into a single location instead of diverting it to the separated main base capture zones. On another note, one versus one duel tournaments with ladder rankings would let players show off their individual skill. A hardcore mode with no repairs, healing or 3D spotting would be desirable to players who enjoy a more realistic scenario.

The ability to wage war on smaller scale in private (unranked) matches, preferably of different map sizes would give clan based gameplay a perfect setting. Things like the following would be very enjoyable to the competitive community:

  • 5 vers  us 5 random battles

  • 5 versus 5 highlander: only one of each type of tank allowed

  • 5 versus 5 one dimensional: only one type of tank allowed

  • scale both   to 10v10 for medium sized battlesGDN Gold Award

Some system that punishes griefers where players with a history of team-killing get put on the same team during matchmaking would be effective. Then a decrease in cost of garage space would make it easier to play with friends. It shouldn’t be a burden to help one out who is just starting with the tier 1 tanks. Selling a tank isn’t an option to someone with lots of money and time invested into them.

A bank to earn interest on your gold when you’re not playing will encourage players to check in frequently. The ability to loan money to friends and receive it back with interest would also be a nice feature.

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Our Rating for World of Tanks [Video] Review (PC Online)
9.0 Overall
This MMO is a free to play downloadable game, one that is both intense and addicting. The replay value is off the charts and the extent of detail is impressive. Epic tank combat hasn’t been this fun since Battlefield 1942.

Rating: 4.3, votes: 255

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