Cubitek Tattoo Fire PC Chassis Review (hardware)

Posted by John Tanguay (Johnaget), May 25, 2011 17:10

Cubitek Tattoo Fire Installation

Once I was ready to install all of my components into the Tattoo I was able to appreciate the quality of the case a lot more. The motherboard went in with no trouble and unlike most mid-tower cases, the Tattoo Fire was able to house my Coolermaster V8.

All of the tool-less solutions work exceptionally well. The PCI and HDD tool-less designs are pretty standard. The design for the 5.25” bays however, use a lock and slide lock combination. To use them you slide the smaller tab up and then you can move the larger lock left and right to secure the device into position. Then you lower the smaller tab back into place. This design was exceptionally secure. The drive bays did not slide of move around in the slightest.

Cubitek Tattoo Fire drive bays

Another thing that Cubitek took into consideration was providing fans that used 3-pin power instead of molex. Each fan does have a 3-pin to molex adaptor but it can be easily removed if you use a fan controller or motherboard power for your fans

After the majority of my hardware was in, it was time to put in the 2 HD6870 cards. They fit very well with no rubbing up against the side window or cramming the power cables into the case.

I did run into some issues with the cable management of the case. Most of my excess cables had to be tucked underneath the HDD bays due to a lack of space between the motherboard tray and back of the computer.

The Tattoo Fire is surprisingly quiet, but it comes at a cost. The air flow is slightly less efficient than I would have liked. Don’t get me wrong the case cools adequately, but while gaming with 2 hHD6870’s in Crossfire, my GPU and CPU temps we running a little higher than I was used to seeing in my other casesGDN Silver award


This Cubitek Tattoo Fire surprised me in a lot of ways and I am impressed with the quality Cubitek is bring to the table. The build quality, interior paint and tool-less drive bays stood out most for me. Cubitek is making a strong statement to the quality they stand for with this case line and are setting a high bar for themselves and competitors. That being said I would recommend this case to anyone looking for a high quality mid tower in the $70-$100 range.

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This case is definitely one to watch out for along with anything else Cubitek brings to the table

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