Inside look at Pac-Man and Galaga Dimensions

Posted by Guest Contributor: Jared Lonzer, Jun 01, 2011 17:19

Galaga 3D Impact

The next new game introduced in the 3D world is Galaga 3D Impact. This is a brand new game designed as a first-person game that incorporates on-rail shooters which takes the player flying through the space stations on the planets and to the various other enemy base camps while you kill all the alien bugs based on the Galaga mythology. Well, if you have previously played Face Raiders on your 3D system, you already know a part of this new game. You can move the system around physically to move the inside game reticule and hence shoot the surrounding enemies. Additionally, you can also play the game using the circle pad and not pausing at all for changing the control schemes in the menu, etc. This is more similar to the game Solvalou, also a first person game of Xevious which is usually played in a similar fashion. However, Galaga has better graphics which makes it a better and more interesting game than the others.

Galaga dimensions

Added bonuses

Apart from these main games, Dimensions also offers a series of extra bonuses that you can enjoy while playing your favorite games. The system includes and also has unlocked versions of Pac-Man Championship Edition along with the Galaga Legions and the Xbox Live Arcade from its previous versions. However the latter has new edge to it and is displayed for the first time on the portable system. Both the games have their sequels to cheer you. However, both Pac-Man Tilt and Galaga 3D Impact are very nice games to enjoy.

Dimensions, also incorporates within its system the original arcade games that have been reinvented especially for people who loved both Pac-Man and Galaga. So, enjoy your gaming experience with the new 3D games.

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