World of Warplanes Interview

Posted by Christophor Rick (TheSuperGuido), Aug 16, 2011 15:16

[GDN] Why was the particular era, the Golden Age of Military Aviation?

When operating planes developed and used during 1930s to 1950s pilots had to rely mostly on their skills, not on numerous automatic control and aiming systems that were introduced later and made the life of the pilot easier. Moreover, WWII boosted the research and development of aircraft-building industry immensely.

world of warplanes German aircraft

[GDN] Will this change over time and include rudimentary jets and perhaps helicopters?

We’ll have jet planes in the game that were used during this period like MiG-15 and Me-262. They will mostly belong to the top tiers of the tech trees.

[GDN] The economy is set to tie into World of Tanks, what’s the added benefit for gamers there?

If you’re good at “tanks”, but are just starting your ”career” in World of Warplanes you’ll be able to boost your progress by transferring XP from one game to another and move up the tech trees faster and vice versa.

world of warplanes flying high

[GDN] Does Wargaming see a large potential for cross-over there? Will tank players want to be aircraft players?

Of course, we do. We’ve been always getting e-mails with questions like “Will you one day make a game like World of Tanks, but with planes… ” from our World of Tanks players. Moreover, we have whole clans from famous flight simulators playing World of Tanks.

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