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Posted by Christophor Rick (TheSuperGuido), Aug 16, 2011 15:16

[GDN] What about plans on gameplay? Will there one day be the potential for a Blitzkrieg type gameplay where tank squads can call in air support from WoWP clanmates?

We are not planning to mix tanks and planes in real battles due to different gameplay approaches of the two games and different size of the maps.

world of warplanes incoming

[GDN] Will there be ground-based targets in some of the gameplay modes or will it all be open skies dog fighting?

In World of Tanks one of the winning conditions in random battles is capturing the enemy base. In World of Warplanes players will have to destroy the enemy base. There’ll be a number of ground objects located on the map like fuel depots, tank columns or railway stations. Upon destroying all of them the team will earn a victory.

[GDN] If there are ground based objectives will that also open the future to bombing runs with players flying escort missions?

We are considering the option of adding “convoy” missions after the official release of the game. The task for one team will be to protect a squadron of bombers controlled by the “artificial intelligence” moving to the enemy base, while the other team will have to destroy them.

[GDN] Also, staying on the ground-based theme, will there be AA fire that players will have to contend with and if so, will there be a ’safe zone’ out of the reach of those guns?

There will be AI-controlled anti-aircraft guns that will represent a part of the enemy base. Of course, there’ll be safe zones free of their control - so one of the tasks scouts will have will be to spot AA positions and report them to their teammates.

[GDN] Are takeoff and landing going to be part of the game? What about refueling and re-arming?

Most likely, there’ll be no take off as we do not consider this element to be an important part of gameplay. As for the landing, we’ll probably leave it as an option – after the battle is finished the player will be able to land for an extra amount of XP points. In case of an unlucky landing he’ll have to pay for all the repairs.

world of warplanes take off

[GDN] So, World of Warships coming soon?

In fact we just announced it today at GamesCom 2011. (see game page World of Battleships and first screens here at GDN)

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