Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad Multiplayer Hands-on (PC)

Posted by Michael Oliver, Sep 12, 2011 15:37

 But enough about my gripes, what does Red Orchestra 2 do that’s supposed to be so great? Creating a classic infantry experience that revolves around a realistic based gameplay. Between wounding limbs which players need to bandage up or bleed out, or not identifying the exact amount of ammunition left in a magazine beyond the weight of the mag, or the shell shock players receive when grenades go off, or the last ditch effort to kill an enemy before your eyes close forever because you’re bleeding to death, or semi-permeable environments – Red Orchestra 2 offers a complete and well-rounded infantry environment.

red orchestra 2 environments

The weapons shoot like they’re supposed to and not only require skill, but an understanding of all their capabilities. Knowing what all the weapons are capable of determines how you respond in any given scenario. Understanding the limitations of heavy machine guns changes how you approach an entrenched MG mounted in an alley or window. Being familiar with the fire rate of the sniper rifles lets you know when to peek or try to counter snipe. Trying to get up close and personal with the sub machine guns is actually viable as long as you are accurate enough with the rifles and have some twitch skills. Emphasizing fire and move tactics with the bolt rifles is fine as long as you take your time and don’t utilize predictable spots or shoot the instant you reload every time.

Altogether, Red Orchestra 2 gives an authentic World War 2 feel, for those who still want to play in that theatre of war. If you can get past the major holes in the game, namely some of the sub-par graphical environments or a couple minor features that were implemented incorrectly, Red Orchestra 2 is a game worth playing. Unfortunately for me, it will likely only be until other titles get released just before Christmas. It is for this reason the game will only appeal to PC enthusiasts, hardcore competitive FPS players, and World War 2 nutjobs – so it’s a perfect game for a PC player like myself.

red orchestra 2 gameplay

From a competitive gamer’s perspective, this game should be a gold mine as well. But it’s a game that would have shined a couple years ago, because it will be overshadowed by the coming onslaught of AAA shooter titles like Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3. I’m not saying those games will obviously be better, but Tripwire is showing up late to the party. The only thing Red Orchestra 2 has going for it, is the ace up its sleeve in mod tools and a mod community. If a couple mod teams make some amazing work, this game has a chance to make its mark. Whatever you think Red Orchestra 2 is worth for purchase now, if you can’t justify it to yourself today, just wait until mods start rolling out and begin creating a huge bang for your buck. The game releases tomorrow.

Rating: 3.4, votes: 16

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