Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad Review (Windows PC)

Posted by Jeff Lindsey (Piso_mojado), Sep 27, 2011 15:07

Red Orchestra 2 Biggest Complaint (Muliplayer related)

If Tripwire had made this game MP only, people would still have bought it because this game was designed to primarily be a multiplayer game. And at first, even though the SP campaign was laughable, I was having fun playing online. I was even going to give RO2 an above average review solely because of MP. But this is where Tripwire made an unforgivable mistake.

In a recent patch, the developers tried to fix a few bugs but accidently killed the game. I got into a server after the patch and killed one person. Upon their death, I noticed a slew of Steam achievements popping up one after another. In all I got 17 achievements from 1 kill. When I looked to see what they were, they included several for killing 1000 enemies, playing on x amount of servers, etc. When I looked at my stats, I just about cried. Somehow the patch falsified everyone’s stats and had jumped me all the way up to level 81. See the pic below.

Massive stats problem not plague Red Orchestra 2

Why do I say that this is unforgivable? Because stats are everything in an FPS and this put Tripwire in a no win situation. Tripwire has 3 options and all of them fail.

1) If they reset the stats on everyone, then they have “stolen” your hard earned progress in the game.
2) If they don’t do a global reset of stats, then no one is able to know with any accuracy how they compare to their friends.
3) If they make an optional stat reset button, then the honorable gamers will reset and be stuck facing the over-levelled noobs who keep there illegitimate experience points.

Red Orchestra 2 Final Verdict

Before you buy the game, wait to see what Tripwire does about the stats issue. After that, you should probably wait for a Steam sale. Honestly, I only see myself playing this game if I am at a LAN and everyone else is.

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So-so, but incredibly disappointing when I think about other Tripwire titles.

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