Neverwinter Book II of the Neverwinter Saga Book Review

Posted by Christophor Rick (TheSuperGuido), Oct 04, 2011 18:20

However, I can see some fans of the Drow being less than happy. At his core, he’s still the same old Drizzt, but his thoughts take up some good amount of space and his being led around by the nose will probably not make them too happy. There is also some running away, which all good fighters know, is the toughest thing to to fight another day.

To them I say, be patient, read the whole thing and allow the overarching plot time to play out. Yes, some of the book is slow going and not nearly as action-packed as other adventures, but this is a much changed world and it will need a much changed Drizzt Do’Urden to continue is defense of it against those who would subjugate its residents, rule through fear, prey on the weak and unfortunate and spread evil.gauntlgyrm, the first book in the new neverwinter saga

This is not the Drizzt you have known for all these years, and yet it is. Just as we all change with age, so too has Drizzt. He is less impetuous, more concerned with where life will lead him and perhaps is stuck in a small midlife crisis of sorts, hence the lively new Elf witch companion who challenges him at every turn and shiny unicorn ride (D&D’s equivalent to an 18-year-old blonde girlfriend and a Ferrari I guess).

All in all, I’ve enjoyed the book and admittedly, missed Gauntlgym so have purchased the Kindle version to catch up. Even if you haven’t read Gauntlgrym, Salvatore does a good job of filling you in on the details of events there without doing so in such a manner that makes you not want to go read it.

Stay tuned to GDN as we are set to chat with R.A. Salvatore on the 17th to talk about the new Neverwinter book series, the Neverwinter game and whatever else he wants to chat about.

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