Battlefield 3 Review (Windows PC)

Posted by Jeff Lindsey (Piso_mojado), Nov 01, 2011 16:53

Why do I say that if feels like an interactive movie? Because you are dragged along constantly following your superior officers and you only have one way to do things, the DICE way. Nothing you do feels like it has any impact on the story at all. Early on in the game, you get to a point where there is a sniper in a hotel. The only way you can kill him is to wait until you hear your leader say “go for it”. It is absolutely impossible to take him out before then. (I know because I tried 20 times, 20 different ways)

bf3 multiplayer

And Heaven forbid if you try to take cover where the NPCs are programmed to go. They will quite literally push you out of the way and into the open. When it all comes down to the wire, single player is only in the game as a formality, not a value add. I feel that DICE should have just scrapped the campaign entirely and it would not have been missed.

Battlefield 3 PC Battlelog

Ah ha, here it is. The bane of EA is no longer Origin, but Battlelog.

“What is Battlelog?” you ask. When you launch the game in Origin, the first thing to open is an internet browser window. From here you can launch the various game modes, track stats and unlocks, and browse for open servers.

Now I am sure there are a few pluses to going with Internet based software as opposed to something in game (whether they be for EA or the gamer I am not sure). Real time stats and news is nice. However, it just feels disconnected from the game itself. I suppose I don’t really have a lot of specific complaints against Battlelog, but the resounding attitude of gamers worldwide is that it is too much of a change too quickly. Only time will tell if gamers will ever truly accept or appreciate Battlelog.

Battlefield 3 PC Overall

In the end, I have mixed feeling about Battlefield 3. Yes, the game is graphically captivating. No, gamers are not thrilled with Battlelog. Yes, people will play the multiplayer portion of Battlefield 3 for many hours to come. No, the single player is not worth playing.

I have been a Battlefield fan since 1942. And I have always preferred their titles to Call of Duty. But is Battlefield 3 the CoD killer that EA was hoping it would be? The answer is a regrettable no.

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Our Rating for Battlefield 3 Review (Windows PC)
7.5 Overall
A great game, but not the CoD killer that it was promoted to be. Mark my words, Modern Warfare 3 will outsell this game by more than 2-1.

Rating: 2.8, votes: 18

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