Afterfall: Insanity Hands On Preview (Windows PC)

Posted by Jeff Lindsey (Piso_mojado), Nov 04, 2011 16:43

You soon find out that the citizens living in the lower levels of the Shelter are going mad and no one can seem to explain why. Escorted by a couple soldiers, you head into the depths of the sub-levels searching for an answer that will save the people. It doesn’t take long for you to end up on your own. But you must remember, you are not a soldier and have no formal training. Instead you are an average guy facing your fears head on; alone in the dark.

Afterfall insanity game screen

The Horror!!!!

Afterfall had got to be one of the creepiest games that I have played in a while. A lot of this is thanks to the terrifying sound track and the ever pressing darkness of the levels. Most of the time, your small shoulder mounted flashlight is the thing that gives you any visibility. And everywhere you turn you hear the sounds of the dark all around you.


The people living in the lower levels are beginning to mutate. Some are simply mad with blood lust. Others have become quite deformed and powerful. While guns do exist in the shelter, they are few and far between with ammo being even scarcer. So most of the game you only have random objects that you use as makeshift melee weapons. My personal favorite? The oversized monkey wrench.

Rating: 4.4, votes: 23

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