Logitech G700 Wireless Gaming Mouse Review (Hardware)

Posted by Jeff Lindsey (Piso_mojado), Feb 25, 2012 00:22

Before we get too in depth with this review, I have a confession to make. As a gamer I have always scoffed at people who use wireless mice. Sure it is convenient, but a gamer needs instant input and signal transfers faster over a wire than through the air. I am not saying that I was justified in my bias. Rather, I am simply trying to be honest and transparent with the readers. But as with all biases and preconceptions, it blinded me from the truth. When Logitech sent a G700 mouse to us for review, I quickly amended my beliefs and repented for my ignorance, bringing me back the journalistic neutrality that I should have had all along.

The G700’s Features

“Comfort is king” when it comes to gaming mice and the G700 is holding all the cards.  The ergonomic design is incredibly comfortable with most grip styles. The same basic shape used in the MX518 and G500 is utilized in the Logitech G700 with a few tweaks. Looking down on the mouse you can see that the right side has been stretched at the base. The thumb groove is a little deeper than other Logitech mice and the thumb buttons have been moved g700back slightly to compensate for this change.

As far as looks go, the G700 is clean cut. The entirety of the mouse body is a matte black. Each side of the mouse is textured to provide superior grip. Flipping the mouse over, you will see that the G700 sports rather large feet that help to reduce the friction with the mouse pad. You will also find the laser sensor that registers up to 5700 DPI, an On/Off switch, and the battery compartment which holds a rechargeable battery from Enveloop and the wireless receiver. The laser sensor is more towards the front of the mouse, (similar to the G500) which allows you to make quicker twitch movements.

The G700 has plenty of buttons and they all seem to be well placed. Three additional index finger buttons are easy to reach and control the DPI change by default. You also have a button behind the scroll wheel, as well as a scroll wheel latch that allows you to scroll endlessly when depressed. What I really want to direct your attention to though is the 4 thumb buttons. I used a G500 for years and the button that was the furthest forward was hard to reach. On the G700, you have 4 buttons arranged in a square that are place so perfectly, you can push each of them by barely moving your thumb at all.


Included in the box, is a low profile wireless receiver, and a receiver extension. I honestly do not know what the point of the USB extension is because a sticker on it warns you to only use it with the wireless receiver. You also get a USB charge cable in the box that has 2 functions. The first and most obvious of the functions, is that it charges g700the battery in the mouse. The second is that it transfers data from the mouse to the PC when it is attached, effectively turning your wireless mouse into a wired one.

Technical Specs

-Gaming Grade Laser Sensor
-Up to 5700 DPI
-Low Profile Wireless Receiver
-Data-Over USB Charge Cable
-13 Programmable Buttons
-Scroll Wheel with Side Scroll and Endless Scroll options
-Long Battery Life
-Backed by the Best Customer Support

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Our Rating for Logitech G700 Wireless Gaming Mouse Review (Hardware)
8.5 Overall
Backed by the Logitech name and proven quality, no one could ever say anything bad about you for using this fine product.

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