Roccat Isku Review (Hardware)

Posted by Jeff Lindsey (Piso_mojado), Mar 01, 2012 23:49

Isku Software and EasyShift+

roccat iskuIf there was only one thing that I was allowed praise Roccat for, it would be the incredible software. The software is so easy to use, and so clear, that any new user can find their way around it immediately. Cycling through the different tabs, you will see places to turn on and off the windows keys, adjust the illumination intensity, and programming capabilities for almost every key.  As I said before, you can change the top multimedia keys to whatever you heart desires, but the customization doesn’t stop there.  You can also program the F keys (top), M keys (left side), and T keys (bottom).

But wait, there’s still more! Roccat’s EasyShift+ capabilities gives you a secondary function for each of the 20 keys that you can reach with your left hand on the home keys (1-5, Q-T, A-G, and Z-B). Just press your EasyShift+ button (default is Capslock though you can move it elsewhere) in conjunction with a programmable key to activate the extra function.  When you add up the Macro keys and the EasyShift+ secondary functions, you end up with 36 programmable functions, all within hand’s reach.

Creating Macros for the Roccat Isku

roccat iskuWith 5 profiles, it is easy to make layouts to fit different games. In fact, the Roccat Isku software come pre-programmed with macro functions for some of the your favorite games. Set up one profile for Left 4 Dead, another for World of Warcraft or Age of Conan, another for Call of Duty, and one for Battlefield, with macros that are ready to use with default game controls. But obviously, not every game is covered, and that is when you set up your own custom functions.

Macro creation for the Roccat Isku is hands down, the easiest of any peripheral that I have ever used. Type in the name of the game you will be playing (so that the macros stay in a set), name the function, and hit record. With the advanced view, you can see a timeline of when the keystrokes happen and adjust the timing simply by drag-and-drop. Not easy enough for you? With the physical record button at the top of the Isku, you can make quick macros on the fly without ever opening the software at all. Pressing record plays a voice over you speakers telling you to push the key you wish to program. You are then prompted to input your macro and push the record key to finalize. As soon as you push the record key to end the function, the macro is named, numbered, and stored to the keyboards profile; ready to use immediately. This is great when you are new to a game because you do not have to Alt+Tab out to the software to program the Isku.

roccat isku

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Our Rating for Roccat Isku Review (Hardware)
9.5 Overall
The Isku keyboard is almost perfect. Had it not been for the backlight issue (the only negative thing I could find), this keyboard would have walked away with a flawless victory

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