An Interview with Dave Scott, Backyard Monsters` Executive Producer

Posted by Pat Gibbons (RedCoatGunman), Mar 18, 2012 18:50

Do you think Backyard Monsters would have been as popular if it had not been on facebook?

It’s hard to say if the peak would have been higher or lower, it may have taken longer to get there if we were on an unknown site and people had to create an account to play vs. just clicking “allow”.

Obviously you will want to add more to the Backyard Monsters experience as time goes on. When this happens, will we see changes intermittently, or all at once like with Inferno?

As we mature as a game and developers, we will probably focus more on optimization to make the game run faster and on older hardware. We will continue to release new content; most of which will be incremental but some of which will be game-changing. At the current rate, Backyard Monsters has a long future ahead of it and the development team behind it has never been as large as it is now. As the company grows we also benefit from larger shared resources.

Anything coming soon to Backyard Monsters that you can share with us?

We’re about to release a new Champion. This one comes from the underworld (Inferno), and for players to gain the ability to use him, they must first find and capture him as he roams around the world map. Should be good fun!

In a three way fight to the death during their prime’s, who would win: Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, or Chuck Norris?

Jackie Chan, without breaking a sweat!

Thanks again for taking the time to talk with us, Dave. I’d like to wish you and your team good luck with your coming endeavors.

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