Kid Icarus: Uprising Review (Nintendo 3DS)

Posted by Joshua Kannegiesser, May 03, 2012 18:45

Whether it is on the top screen or the bottom screen it has been common practice that the Nintendo DS stories play out on one or the other when character dialog is present and both screens sometimes when there is a video playing. Not to mention that almost all games have the story break up the game play. What “Uprising” brings to the table, story and dialog at the same time during game play, even when utilizing the touch screen as part of the controls!

more kid icarus in action

How is this possible? Well, on the bottom screen the characters that are speaking are shown as still shots as they converse. They slide or appear on and off screen as the dialog progresses. During the levels of the game there is almost no time when someone is speaking. Granted, the majority of the dialog is banter between Pit and Palutena with tons of jokes and pop culture references, but the main story progresses in the same manner.

Kid Icarus Graphics

This is Kid Icarus’ first game that is venturing into the 3D realm and it is great to see all of its characters getting a well desired makeover. In the original NES game the console’s limitations allowed for only a few different character types. Developer’s used color changing of the characters to simulate a change in type. This problem has rewarded some of the game’s enemies with a complete reimagining to their look.

The game plays smooth and fast with lots of action on screen. The level designs are creative and full of great detail and texturing which adds to the world’s environments. “Uprising’s” 3D looks fantastic and it adds a depth to the visuals of the levels and action that doesn’t hinder the game play.

boom icarus in space?

Kid Icarus Controls

The controls for Kid Icarus: Uprising are by far the biggest let down of the game. They’re not completely broken, but could be better described as over ambitious. It seems like the developers tried to add in way too many moves and actions for Pit to perform, almost if they were trying to recreate his move list from the Super Smash Bros: Brawl game. This control problem is highly noticeable during the ground-based levels. One that stands out is using the touch screen to control the camera and the firing reticule at the same time. Rotate the camera with a flicking swipe and move the reticule by leaving the stylus on the screen and moving it. The switch between the two causes a loss of control of either. There is plenty of control customizations in the option menu for controls, but no matter what is chosen something else must be sacrificed.

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Our Rating for Kid Icarus: Uprising Review (Nintendo 3DS)
8.5 Overall
Most $60 console games don’t nearly have as much content as this portable hand held $40 game. If you have a 3DS and are looking for a new game, Kid Icarus: Uprising is the game that you are looking for hands down.

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