Fruit Ninja Kinect

Fruit Ninja Kinect

Chris played this at E3 and there is some video footage we included it in this game description because if it makes him look funny, we love it.

Fruit Ninja Kinect takes all the frenzied fruit slicing action of the highly popular and addictive mobile game and brings it full scale as players trade in finger chops for full body motion slicing, swinging their arms to cut through an endless cascade of flying fruits while trying to avoid dangerous bombs.

Following the simple yet addictive mechanics that made Fruit Ninja such a breakout success on mobile devices, Fruit Ninja Kinect stays true to the spirit of the beloved title while expanding players’ experience with new gameplay modes and unlockable content.

There are three single player modes: slice for the highest score while avoiding bombs in Classic Mode, serenely slice through 90 seconds of Zen Mode, or throw intense power-ups into the mayhem with Arcade Mode. Fruit Ninja Kinect also adds local multiplayer so Fruit Ninjas can slice side-by-side in pursuit of unlockable blades, backgrounds, avatar shadows and Achievements that only the quickest ninjas will conquer. True masters of fruit ninjutsu searching the lands for a worthy opponent can climb the online leaderboards, but only ninjas able to decimate the mysterious pomegranate—a rare fruit that players can attack furiously in bullet-time—will claim the highest scores.


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