Blink is a first-person game crafted with an innovative formula of platforming, puzzles, and mystery. In a surreal world that is both beautiful and lifeless, you find you are somehow able to freely slip between two unique perceptions of the world. Will you come to grips with this strange power, or will you lose your grip on reality?



Narrative without dialogue. The game does have a plot. But rather than use dialogue to guide the player, we chose to use visual and auditory cues. There will be no cinematics or "cut scenes" either. Everything is presented to the player through experience. This way, the player can still be deeply immersed without ever having control taken from them.



Thought-provoking gameplay. It all started in January 2011 at the Global Game Jam, an annual competition where game developers from around the world challenge themselves to create a game in 48-hours based on a given theme. This year the theme was "extinction." It didn't take long for us to realize we didn't want to go the traditional route of apocalyptic scenarios or sci-fi epics about genetic manipulation. We discovered a unique and, frankly, very compelling neurological disorder known as visual extinction.

When a visual extinction patient is presented with two different objects at the same time, the patient may ignore one of them. On the contrary, the patient usually has no problem correctly identifying both objects if presented separately. It was this fascinating concept that gave birth to the core gameplay ofBlink.


The player has the ability to slip between two different perceptions of the world at will. Left-clicking the mouse shows one, while right-clicking the mouse shows the other. The key to utilizing this ability is understanding that what you see is what you get.


We just launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the final push towards a commercial release for Blink. We need your help to reach our funding goal by November 28. We submitted a short demo to the Independent Games Festival for 2012. It was very hard work, but a rewarding experience to say the least. Unfortunately, we lack the time and resources to go far beyond that demo and add the extra features, art and audio necessary to make a full gaming experience worthy of your attention. With your help, we can work full-time on the game and release it by March 2012. We intend to release Blink for PC and Mac on popular digital platforms like Steam, Desura and the Mac App Store. If you can’t pledge, spreading the word is helpful too!

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