MLB 12 The Show

MLB 12 The Show

MLB 12 The Show, which will hit store shelves on March 6, 2012 for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, just in time for Spring Training. A candidate for this year’s America League Most Valuable Player (MVP) Award, Gonzalez is a four-time All-Star (2008-2011), three-time Rawlings Gold Glove winner (2008, 2009, 2011), and 2011 Silver Slugger Award winner. The Show has been and continues to be the market leading and highest ranked officially licensed baseball title of this console generation and thenumber-one rated sports video game over the past four years, so we’re psyched to have one the best all-around players in baseball representing MLB 12!

Commentary, which Russell specifically described as the “number one complaint” from last year’s game, is seeing a similarly massive overhaul. “You’ll hear more season-specific commentary, more conversation pieces,” Russell explained. “The commentators are going to talk about the MVP race, the Cy Young race, the series that you played in two days before. They’re going to talk about how your pitcher is having an awful year because he’s 5 and 15.”

Expansive PlayStation Move support is another key upgrade this year, being tightly integrated into almost every facet of the game, from batting to pitching to fielding to baserunning. Then there’s the hotly anticipated PS Vita version, which will mirror virtually every game feature, mode, and mechanic from the PS3 version and displays graphics that sparkle on the system’s 5’’ OLED screen. You’ll also be able to share your PS3 save files to the cloud, then pull them down on PS Vita and pick up your progress seamlessly.

Also included in the game are new ball physics, a faster paced game for the PS Vita version (without a lot of the presentation, the camera cuts, to shorten the length of games.)

No PS2 vs. PSV head to head but there should be some PS Vita multiplayer.

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