Backyard Monsters: Inferno

Backyard Monsters: Inferno

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Jan. 13, 2012 – KIXEYE, the leading independent developer of online competitive social strategy games, announced today the official launch of Backyard Monsters: Inferno.  The first expansion realm for Backyard Monsters, the most popular real-time strategy game on Facebook, will allow players to leave the friendly confines of their Backyard and venture deep below the surface of the Earth.

Inferno will introduce deeply engaging new gameplay featuring a new storyline built around a strange, subterranean villain that has been terrorizing monsters across the Backyard universe. As seismic plates shift, a series of powerful earthquakes has revealed a glowing skull-shaped cavern in millions of Backyards, and starting today, players will be allowed to enter its hellish confines.

“Our users are fanatical about Backyard Monsters, so we wanted to give them an entirely new realm to wreak havoc in,” said David Scott, Executive Producer of Backyard Monsters. “Not only have we created a whole new world to explore, but we’ve added a slew of new monsters and buildings…and there’s a whole lot more to come in the next several weeks.”

Upon entering the cavern, users must spelunk their way through a series of interconnected caves, battling new breeds of vicious monsters. Inch closer to the end of the cave system and players will engage in the ultimate battle with Moloch in his underground lair. With the right mix of monsters and strategy, Moloch can be defeated. What to do once inside the underworld is up to you. Attack your friends, mine resources and conquer a whole new realm!

Much like the original Backyard Monsters, Inferno mixes real-time strategy with base building and resource management. Unlock monsters, design an impregnable fortress, help your friends and destroy your enemies en route to becoming a top-ranked player. In the coming months, KIXEYE will be introducing even more features, including Monster Fossils, Synchronous Maps and new, diabolical Monster Champions.

(official press release from Kixeye)

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