Kaijudo Battle Game

Kaijudo Battle Game

Dark forces are rising. In order to defeat them, begin your Duelist training here. Study to become a true Kaijudo DuelMaster in the ultimate test of high-action creature combat with the Kaijudo Trading Card Game. Catch new product updates, featured cards and glimpses to the mighty power of the creature realm. Grow strong in your dueling skill with game strategies and tips, discovering your own creature allies to challenge your friends. Be ready for battle when the Veil tears near you!

Mind-blowing creature power from the 5 Civilizations is at your fingertips in the Kaijudo Trading Card Game, so you can find the right creatures for your personal style of battling. Like to charge in? Fire Civilization creatures are for you. Want to be tricky? Try the Water Civilization. No matter your style, a deck is all you need to demonstrate your skills. No tokens or accessories are required!

No other game balances deep strategy with lightning fast combat like the Kaijudo Trading Card Game. No two creature battles are ever the same, so while a game may take only 10 minutes, you\'ll want to play for hours!

Test your battling skills with awesome creatures as you fight through 21 levels of game play jam-packed with some of the most powerful creatures in the Kaijuverse—coming alive in full motion through your computer or your Apple mobile device*!  Choose from 3 different fighting styles: Bob\'s proud warriors of fire, Gargle\'s cyber-intellectuals of water, or Squeaky\'s living nightmares of darkness. The Kaijudo: Battle Game is not only recommended training for all duelists, it is the beginning of a nonstop adventure into the five civilizations of the Creature Realm!

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Kaijudo Big Baddie Revealed to be The Choten Apr 25, 2012 20:53 1,040

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