Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

This third PSP installment in the epic Monster Hunter series delivers over 500 hours of gameplay spanning some 400 missions. Using the PSP’s wireless Ad-Hoc connection, players can adventure with up to three friends for a savaging multiplayer hunting party. From devising the strategy to executing the attack, players will need to work together in order to hunt down the ferocious beasts and progress through the wide range of quests on offer. Players will be rewarded for their use of deep fighting combat systems, encouraging them to seek out the more experienced hunters and team up in order to learn from their experience. Even in single player mode Hunters won’t be alone thanks to the introduction of the new AI "Felyne" feature. Accompanying players on quests your furry ally will helping them battle monsters and gather extra resources.


  • The biggest Monster Hunter title to date, with over 500 hours of gameplay
  • Huge variety of character customizations, including 1500 weapons and 2000 armour sets
  • Players can form a team of up to 4 players through wireless Ad-Hoc play and experience the multiplayer social gaming phenomenon
  • "Media Install" option where players can save the game to a memory stick, allowing the game to load from the memory stick and UMD simultaneously for faster loading times
  • AI “Felyne” companion who will accompany players on quests and gather extra resources. With the ‘felyne casting’ feature players can share their companions with other players, transferring data using the PSP’s sleep mode.
  • Fans of the series can transfer their character data from Monster Hunter Freedom 2 to continue their adventures

Rating: 5.0, votes: 2


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Pub: Capcom
Genre: Adventure
MSRP: $29.99


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