Aaaaa!!!: A Reckless Disregard for Gravity

Aaaaa!!!: A Reckless Disregard for Gravity

You dive off a skyscraper, relying on quick reflexes to negotiate the intricate tangle of girders that make up the City. You perform aerial stunts at terminal velocity before parachuting into the arms of your cheering fans. While other skydivers have it easy, you have to earn the adoration of the crowds by gliding within an eyelash of that glass super skyscraper at 70 miles per hour.

BASE Jumping (short for Building, Antenna, Span, Earth) has never been a sport for the masses -- it’s too dangerous, and it’s tough to get permission to jump off of the Burj Dubai. That all changes when Dejobaan Games brings its own wonderfully twisted take on the sport to the PC. How late can you deploy your chute before you end up a squishy bag of broken bones? How far can you trust your helmet’s proximity meter before you splatter against a window like a bug on a highway? Do you believe the game’s developers when they tell you that listening to your Enya CD will relax you and help you coast with more control... or should you just put on Limp Bizkit and throw caution to the wind?

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