GDN Review Score Scale

GDN uses a 10 point scale for games reviews in a 0.5 increment. We believe that this gives us a fine enough point to decide our scores and a broad enough scope to catch all games.

The following is the 1-10 scale with notes on what each score specifically means. This may change from time to time as we go back and review our game review process. This was originally decided upon by discussion in the forums and finalized March 2009.

1 (Abysmal): Crippling flaws prevent this game from being even remotely playable.

2 (Terrible): Aside from a minor positive or two, there’s nothing much to salvage this game. Avoid.

3 (Bad): The game may be playable, but major flaws in several areas of this game make it a choice for diehards of the genre only... and even they might want to stay away.

4 (Sub-par): Fans of this game’s genre or series might want to look into this, but the game’s negatives outweigh its positives.

5 (Mediocre): The game’s good points and bad points cancel each other out, making it an average experience. (Half Price? ok.)

6 (Fair): A slightly above average experience; a decent representation of a genre. (Worth Budget price)

7 (Good): This is a solid game in a particular genre, with its flaws outweighed by what it does well in other areas. The game is at least worth a rental, if not a bargain bin purchase. (Worth full-price)

8 (Great): This game scored well in most areas and is one of the better games in its genre or in its own series.

9 (Excellent): Aside from a minor flaw or two, this game excels in its particular genre.

10 (Exemplary): This game is the best of the best. 10 games tend to either break new ground or successfully create a new genre while offering one of the best overall gaming experiences currently available. (To be used as sparingly as possible for overall score but other pieces of a game could hit 10)

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