Two New HeroEngine MMOs in Works

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Simutronics today announced two new licensees for its HeroEngine MMO platform. Kiz is licensing HeroEngine to build KizPlanet to be marketed with its forthcoming line of toys, KizPal and KizMoto. Zaloli, a new game studio based in Colorado, will build a groundbreaking new science-fiction MMO.

“The Kiz development team was blown away by the capabilities of HeroEngine," said Ben Armour, Senior VP of Corporate Development for Kiz. “We were looking for a complete solution that enabled us to rapidly build our online 3D Global Playground while maintaining a high level of quality, and HeroEngine was by far the best solution for us.”

“HeroEngine is unique because it is an online, collaborative system that lets the team work without down time,” says Simutronics CEO and HeroEngine architect David Whatley. “HeroEngine is the Google Docs of online gaming. We take the friction out of building games. Developers can create anything and it’s live online instantly – we’ve done away with the build process and everything else that slows you down.”

Says Leon Harris, CEO of Zaloli: “HeroEngine is incredibly sophisticated software that brings our team the most powerful MMO creation tools in the world and sets them in an environment where we can collaborate in realtime. HeroEngine’s built-in project management systems really help me with managing the necessary size of my development team, develop within a reasonable time-frame, and gives us, being a new company, the ability to do what we truly wanted to do ... make an MMO.”

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