Greydog Software Releases MMA 2 Demo

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Grey Dog Software, today has released a limited time demo of World of Mixed Martial Arts 2.  Grey Dog’s demo release of WMMA2 is considered both a trial version for fans as well as an opportunity for public beta.  Starting today, players will be able to download and try out the entire game and be permitted to continuously repeat one month of game time. 

World of Mixed Martial Arts 2 is a PC-based management simulator set in the world of Mixed Martial Arts. You are the match maker! Adam Ryland’s, World Of Mixed Martial Arts 2 allows you to take control of an MMA company and run it the way you want; amongst other things, you get to decide who to hire, what matches will take place, and who doesn’t make the cut! Can you make it to the top of the industry?


WMMA2 is scheduled to be available for purchase beginning April 8, 2009 exclusively through Grey Dog Software 


For more information on World of Mixed Martial Arts 2 please visit Grey Dog’s official website at  Or, to check out WMMA2’s developer journal, visit Grey Dog’s forums at


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