Hoax Alert – Valve and Razer

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The HellRazer game announcement, as I suspected, was an April Fool’s day joke. Apparently Razer really wanted to attempt to perpetrate a hoax to fool everyone into believing they were making a game with Valve that would have its own controller.

The problem I have with the whole scenario is that I did my journalistic duty, I contacted Razer and asked if it was a hoax, and was told it’s real... OK so maybe I’ m a sucker, maybe I overreacted, but it’s all water under the bridge now (see how far a phone call goes!) No hard feelings, even though it might have sounded like it.

Anyway, for those who didn’t see the original article here is some of the text from the original press release and website

The stuff that made me think it was a hoax (and rightly so) in the first place are here:

  • Introducing an innovative party system that lets you recruit party members on the fly. Draft receptionists, accountants, janitorial staff, and lab aids into your infection neutralizing death squad. Use your teammates to set off traps, block enemy fire, or shoot them in the legs when trying to outrun the infected enemy horde. The more meat you put between you and enemy, the safer you’ll be!
  • The two main playable characters, Gabriel Newman and Robert Krakowski, will be based on and voiced by Valve’s Gabe Newell and Razer’s Robert Krakoff.

Now we’ve seen wackier ideas than taking actual people from the companies and making them playable characters....but the whole use of the office personnel as fodder and shields just seemed too avante garde for Valve... (make the game!)

Here’s the text of the release with the suspect quotes that made me also believe it a hoax:

Razer, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-end gaming and lifestyle peripherals and Valve, creators of best-selling game franchises and leading technologies, today announced an unprecedented partnership to usher the first person shooter (FPS) genre to the next stage of radical gaming evolution.

The debut title – “HellRazer”, will be a co-op squad based tactical FPS game that will be distributed through the Steam network. Legendary game developer Gabe Newell will lead software development, while Razer will dedicate its time to design and create an intuitive game controller in its new research laboratories in Singapore. The new peripheral is slated to be the first true 1:1 motion sensing and gesture recognition controller.

“Razer is extending its vision by partnering up with Valve on this exciting new collaborative project,” said Razer president Robert “Razerguy” Krakoff. “For the first time, PC gamers will be able to experience a more integrated, immersive gameplay in a first-person shooter game.”

“We envision great possibilities for this project,” said Gabe Newell, president and co-founder of Valve. “Having a dedicated game controller for this game would help heighten the entire gaming experience and be a solid benchmark for future titles.”

For more information about the upcoming game, please visit the official website at www.razerzone.com/hellrazer.

HellRazer: Triple Helix – The Game

HellRazer is a squad-based tactical first person shooter set on a modern day biogenetic research lab, Onyx Rift. Gamers are thrust into the middle of a level 4 biohazard zone when the lab’s centralized supercomputer goes haywire and damaged a viral research containment wing. The explosion released the deadly triple helix S.N.A.K.E. virus upon the lab’s unsuspecting work force, turning them into aggressive beings which need to kill other beings in order to survive.

Players need to reach and repair the supercomputer before the military enforce a full containment to quarantine the outbreak. Work alongside colleagues against the infected to regain control of the lab before a tactical nuke destroys the entire facility.

Razer Anaconda Game Controller

Razer Anaconda is the first motion sensing and gesture recognition controller specifically designed for HellRazer: Triple Helix. The dedicated controller is able to capture true 1:1 movement making the motion sensitivity more intuitive. Razer Anaconda is designed and engineered from ground up to revolutionize and influence not only how games will be played, but how games will be designed.

So fool me once shame on you...


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