JumpGate Evolution Designed to Run on 1.4Ghz Pentium-4 and Above

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Jumpgate Evolution, the eagerly-anticipated sci-fi epic MMO from Codemasters Online & NetDevil today asks gamers whether they’ll be ready to fight the dark forces of The Skein ‘When Darkness Falls’ on the Universe, with the release of a stunning new gameplay video. The video is now available to view at www.jumpgateevolution.com Furthermore, gamers on a broader range of PCs than most MMOs will be able to experience the thrills of massive space conflict, thanks to the game’s high scalability and extensive peripheral support.

Jumpgate Evolution has been designed specifically with a wide range of PC specifications in mind, with machines running minimum specs as low as an Intel P4 1.4GHz processor* and will feature full peripheral support, along with intuitive controls for complete pick up and play accessibility. Almost anyone can take to the stars and battle to become an intergalactic hero in this spectacular massively multiplayer online space combat game.

As today’s video demonstrates, gamers will be able to enjoy breath-taking visuals and exhilarating combat action, and the scalability of the game means they can literally play anywhere, on anything that meet the game’s generous minimum spec. From today’s high-powered gaming rigs down to five-year-old PCs, as well as a wide spectrum of laptops, Jumpgate Evolution caters for almost everyone.

Adding to Jumpgate Evolution’s richly immersive space combat experience is full support for a number of different control methods. While keyboard and mouse controls are offered as standard, Jumpgate Evolution boasts a full range of joystick and game controller options, including the Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller for Windows, to ensure the most realistic flight experience possible. No matter what your preferred system is, Jumpgate Evolution offers instinctive, comfortable, and responsive flight controls to suit even the most demanding space pilot.

In-game mechanics have also been designed to make Jumpgate Evolution as accessible to both new and experienced MMO gamers as possible. The simple pick up and play control system completely removes the need for any tutorials. Instead players learn through a combination of missions and encounters designed to introduce new pilots to a career in space, while helpful hint messages are relayed through the game’s sophisticated heads up display system.

“We’ve designed Jumpgate Evolution with low specification requirements in mind to ensure it runs fantastically on all types of PC’s,” commented Scott Brown, President of NetDevil. “While it looks amazing on high-end systems, Jumpgate Evolution is still a fantastically exciting and great looking game on older PCs. Better still; having lower system requirements means more players can enjoy the game. Ultimately this means we can have more players in each sector at once, making space combat in Jumpgate Evolution so much more thrilling.”

“The combination of highly scalable PC requirements, multiple peripheral options and simple, yet fun to master controls means we’re opening up Jumpgate Evolution to a much wider PC playing customer base than might have previously experienced massively multiplayer online games,” said David Solari, Vice President, Codemasters Online. “As a thrilling, all-action, twitch-based space combat game, Jumpgate Evolution offers something completely unique and highly accessible to the MMO market.”

Developed by the highly experienced US-based MMOG developer NetDevil, Jumpgate Evolution is an exhilarating space combat MMO, set in a vast expanding universe, that allows players to choose from one of three playable nations and engage in an intense action-packed gaming experience. While embarking on an immersive and accessible space adventure, players can trade valuable commodities, take part in awesome intergalactic battles, meet and play with friends, and live out the dream of an elite hero.

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