Special Ops Overlord Minions Revealed

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Codemasters has introduced the elite squad of Special Ops Minions that will star in Overlord Minions, coming this June for the Nintendo DS,

Giblet, Blaze, Stench, and Zap form the Minion crew that, assisted by Minion master Gnarl, feature in Overlord Minions, an irresistible and accessible puzzle action game designed exclusively for the Nintendo DS. Set in the Overlord universe and penned by renowned games writer Rhianna Pratchett, Overlord Minions preserves the trademark humour of the Overlord series and features a completely new story, which runs parallel with Overlord Dark Legend.

In Overlord Minions the player assumes the role of the great Overlord and commands his crack commando team remotely. In this 100% touch screen controlled game, the Nintendo DS Stylus is truly mightier than the sword as players use the stylus as an extension of the Overlord’s evil will, commanding and combining the Elite Minion team through devilish puzzles and a huge range of warped enemies to prevent Silas, the head of a new Cult, from resurrecting an almighty Dragon and threatening the Overlord’s totalitarianism.

The Minion Special Farces Team

  •  Giblet: A brown minion and the main fighter, brave, willing, and a little dumb.
  •  Blaze: A pyromaniac red minion who throws fireballs as a powerful range attack.
  •  Stench: A sneaky green minion whose obnoxious ‘fart dart’ gases are not only flammable, but can overpower enemies with their sheer toxicity.
  •  Zap: A blue minion and the mystic shaman of the unit. He channels magic through this body and can heal the other minions, should they be injured.

Whether they’re going into battle, combining to perform increasingly powerful attacks or solving puzzles, the Minion quartet’s on-going banter and playful-yet-ferociously-violent nature perfectly compliments the unfolding carnage of Overlord Minions.

Prepare to battle a huge range of new enemies from infected sheep, goats, spiders, paladins, infected dwarves, mutated trolls, scorpions, winged elves and many more as Overlord Minions launches this June, exclusively for the Nintendo DS. Budding megalomaniacs can get to know the Minion Special Farces team in the new gameplay video now showing at www.codemasters.com/minions.

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