Details Behind Dragonica Online Released

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Heralding the launch of its new online games platform, THQ*ICE today revealed details about its first product, Dragonica Online with the debut of the game’s web site located at Dragonica Online is being introduced as part of the joint venture between THQ Inc. and ICE Entertainment, an operator of online games located in Shanghai, China, to create micro-transaction-based massively multiplayer online ("MMO") games that will be available at

Recently available in China under the name Dream Dragon, where it has already become one of the most popular MMOs , Dragonica Online merges innovative 3D side-scrolling, fast-paced combat and a comical, yet devastating, skill system into a single free-to-play MMO offering.  The game is being developed by Barunson Interactive and is scheduled to launch online and at retail this fall, but fans can get a hands-on preview of the game when it opens for beta testing, currently scheduled for summer.

About Dragonica Online

At its core, Dragonica Online is a fast-paced fantasy-action MMO whose unique 3D side-scrolling perspective brings a new level of strategy to the category.  Combat is fast and intense so players need to master the unique attacks, combo chains and advanced skills of their class to dominate.  Multiple gameplay modes provide endless scenarios for combat and exploration, as players face off against massive bosses, explore mysterious dungeons or engage in PvP and Guild–on-Guild free-for-alls. Cash Shop items and a diverse pet system help players customize their experience, while social elements such as Player Matching and community celebrations, add a collegial element to the game.

For additional information about Dragonica Online or to register and receive product updates, please visit the official Web site at

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