Abandon Interactive Launches Freaky Creatures

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Abandon Interactive today announced the release of Freaky Creatures, available on PC, MAC and mobile.

Freaky Creatures combines multiplayer gaming, collectible action figures, virtual worlds and social networking. The Freaky Creatures experience begins with a starter pack that includes two action figures and a one gigabyte reusable flash drive that unlocks the Freaky Creatures universe. Each starter pack also comes with 50 different parts, 20 powers and four objects that can be placed into the creature’s lair.

Players can then bring their creatures to life online and customize them with rare parts and powers to create one out of 3.2 billion possible combinations. Once players have created their custom creature, they can jump straight into battle or build a lair within which they can care for their creature or hang out and socialize with friends. Gamers are encouraged to visit the community to personalize their homepage, play mini-games, join tournaments, check leaderboards, trade items, read animated comics, enter contests and much more in the ever expanding Freaky Creatures universe.

In addition, Abandon Interactive Entertainment has teamed up with the Starlight Children’s Foundation to spearhead the launch of Freaky Creatures, donating a portion of the sales of Freaky Creatures starter packs to Starlight’s “Great Escapes” program benefitting local children’s hospitals nationwide. The foundation gives terminally ill children and their families the chance to partake in fun activities in a friendly, accepting environment, including movie screenings, circus trips, mother and daughter makeovers, sporting events, picnics and more.

For more information, or to purchase your very own Freaky Creatures starter pack, please visit http://www.freakycreatures.com.

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