Metal Drift Turns up the Torque

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Independent developer Black Jacket Studios announced their partnership with GarageGames to produce their first title, vehicular combat shooter "Metal Drift".

"The partnership was a no-brainer for us. We’ve known the founders and management of GarageGames for years. Our relationship dates back to the original Starsiege:Tribes Series. They are great to work with, and above all, we trust them", said Brian Ramage, President of Black Jacket Studios. “I could not imagine a smoother publisher experience. They’ve given us the freedom to make Metal Drift the way we want to make it," said Black Jacket co-founder Weston Tracy.

"Being able to license their award winning Torque technology and bring our game to many different platforms with it was also a major factor in choosing GarageGames", Ramage continued. The Torque Game Engine Advanced 1.7.1 was awarded the Game Developer’s Frontline ’Best Engine’ award for 2008. "I think that the Torque technology is by far the best bang-for-the-buck for small developers. There’s no way that we could have made Metal Drift without it."

"We’re excited to continue working with Brian and Weston through Metal Drift", said Brett Seyler, VP of Business Development for GarageGames. "Black Jacket has shown a commitment to high quality and is one of the best teams that we are working with. Metal Drift is a fantastic game we’re proud to see built using Torque. The bright, clean futuristic style is also really appealing, so it looks like a killer package and I expect it to see a lot of success."

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