Help Catch a Killer in Women’s Murder Club: Death in Scarlet (UK)

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Women’s Murder Club: Death in Scarlet is a new crime adventure due for release on 1st May 2009. Avanquest Software Publishing brings the best-selling James Patterson novels to the PC in this interactive mystery combining hidden objects, light adventure and crime solving puzzle games.  

The story begins when the body of a murdered woman washes up underneath the Golden Gate Bridge. In order to solve the murderous crimes, gamers must choose one of the three main characters to play as; homicide detective Lindsay Boxer; medical examiner Claire Washburn; or crime reporter Cindy Thomas. Players must scour the city for clues, scrutinise murder scenes and complete laboratory work in order to progress through the enigmatic storyline and untangle a web of ancient culture, corruption and greed.

In Women’s Murder Club: Death in Scarlet, mystery fans will need their investigative skills to identify victims, examine evidence and interrogate suspects as they dig further into the killer’s mind. Players must use their contacts to cross examine and decipher each victim’s story in order to stop the ruthless killer before the time runs out and another victim dies.

Women’s Murder Club: Death in Scarlet features a storyline written by James Patterson himself, combined with a blend of adventure and puzzle gameplay. Players can explore 18 beautiful settings throughout San Francisco whilst solving nine challenging investigations. Clues can be collected in the various hidden object levels to aid the solving of over 90 puzzles that are critical to the case.

Women’s Murder Club: Death in Scarlet puts player’s observational skills, puzzle solving and logic to the test, making it an ideal game for fans of James Patterson novels, murder mysteries and crime investigation.

Fast facts:

Publisher: Avanquest Software Publishing
Developer: Valusoft
Distributor: GEM, Centresoft, Interactive Ideas and Ideal Software
Release date: 1st May 2009
PEGI: 7+
Format: PC
Genre: Crime Adventure
SRP: £19.99

The title will be available for purchase on GAME, Amazon,, Gamestop, Morrisons and other leading software stores, as well as Avanquest Software.

In : PC

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